Thoughts about web design and web development from the field

August 2012

Sun 26th

Comments versus Conversation

The best place for conversation about a blog post? Its comments.

April 2012

Wed 4th

DOM programming techniques

Different ways of looking at a problem can produce quite different solutions.

Tue 3rd

Content Management Systems

Continuing the a-z series with the bane of my working life: Content Management Systems.

Mon 2nd

Bookmarks: forgotten, but not gone. Yet.

Back in the day, we fastidiously kept track of list of interesting URLs, and grouped them in a menu list in our browsers. Whatever happened to that?

Sun 1st

‘A’ is for ‘Accessibility’

And so we begin with the first of twenty-six posts dedicated to all things web-related. First up: accessibility.

March 2012

Sat 31st

Ide(a)s of March

Announcing serious intentions to damn well start blogging again.

July 2010

Thu 15th

Facebook meta tag

Just testing …

Mon 5th

The arrogant curveball

In which two popular browsers confound all expectations.

May 2010

Sat 29th

Margin after float

Margins often behave in frustrating ways when combined with floated elements. Here’s a quick solution to one such problem.

March 2010

Sun 14th

Parsing tweets with PHP

A port of Remy Sharp’s excellent ‘ify’ code.

February 2010

Fri 19th

Default user-agent font sizes

Even the most basic styling can reveal differences in user agent styles

Sun 7th

How to build a scrolling list with jQuery

This tutorial explains, step-by-step, how to use CSS and jQuery animations to build a simple ‘auto-scrolling’ vertical list.

January 2010

Mon 18th

Adding semantics to jquery-ui’s progress bar

Or ‘Adding functionality to the CSS progress bar’

Sun 17th

Much more emphasis

More fun playing with semantics.

October 2009

Thu 22nd

BBC self-deprecation?

Something not about web-design for a change.

September 2009

Sun 27th

Maths is not the bedrock

‘Maths games’ may have an useful function to fulfil, but don’t overestimate their importance.

August 2009

Sat 1st

dl: what is it good for?

After almost a year of fairly sporadic blogging, an argument has finally arisen.

July 2009

Wed 8th

Specificity vs. proximity

Specificity rules are simple and robust. Despite this, they sometimes ‘break’ in weird and wonderful ways.

June 2009

Sun 7th

State of the Web: June 1st – 7th, 2009

Has the Typekit bubble burst? A cute CMS is launched. And Cameron courts controversy.

May 2009

Fri 22nd

Fixing boagworld’s wobbly menu

Presenting a greasemonkey script to fix the sidebar menu on

Fri 22nd

Universal IE 6 CSS

Take a look at the wonderful world of ‘universal IE6’.

Fri 8th

Layout names considered confusing

Terms such as ‘liquid’ and ‘fluid’ may be common amongst web designers, but they’re needlessly confusing for learners.

Sun 3rd

Why I won’t use ie6update

IE6 Update is a tempting prospect but, on balance, it’s just not the route I wish to take.

April 2009

Thu 23rd

Accessibility: whose responsibility?

Article previews: whatever next?

Sun 19th

Firefox’s persistent zoom?

Simple accessibility enhancements keep on coming: well done, Mozilla.

Sun 19th

Twitter’s use of tinyurl

A lot of discussion is taking place about digg, twitter, URL shortening and page-framing. In twitter’s case, the solution seems obvious to me.

Thu 2nd

“Don’t duplicate link text in the title attribute”

A brief response to a 456 Berea Street post.

March 2009

Mon 23rd

The ‘expanding columns’ problem

Microsoft Windows still leads the way in flouting principles of usability.

Fri 20th

A flexible homepage

Recent changes to the fma homepage have, hopefully, created a ‘best of all worlds’ layout.

February 2009

Tue 24th

Early thoughts on Safari 4

A very early analysis of Safari 4 (it is, after all, only a beta).

Fri 20th

Maybe IE got it right all along

Continuing (and probably rounding off) yesterday’s font size theme, a quick look at that immortal troublemaker: the pixel sized font. With a twist.

Thu 19th

Minimum font size

Two browser features are available for those who find small text difficult to read: text zooming, and setting a minimum font size.

Wed 4th

Stopping CSS inheritance

Or ‘why would you want to?’

January 2009

Thu 29th


We’re all twits now

Wed 28th

A tale of two bugs

Another day, another set of broken behaviour

Sat 24th

Google, save us!

It’s time for Google to step up to the plate and rescue the web, for the benefit of us all.

Fri 23rd

Forever learning

Sometimes I feel like the CSS spec is just a little bit like the C++ language: too big for any mere mortal to hold in their head.

Mon 5th

Non-breaking nor behaving

It seems that even the humble non-breaking space is beyond IE’s capabilities.

November 2008

Tue 4th

Stop breaking inheritance

On the correct use of inheritance.

October 2008

Wed 22nd

Coloured bullet points

How to add a splash of colour to your bullet points.

Wed 15th

The power of CSS + javascript

Introducing a new ‘dynamic tutorial’ series

September 2008

Wed 24th

Content, identify yourself

Another simple method to encourage in-bound linking.

Thu 18th

!important is not important!

Break your addiction to !important and make the web a better world.

Mon 15th

UK government says ‘test by popularity’

According to wasp, the UK government’s browser guidelines are “daft” and “fundamentally flawed”.

Mon 8th

Ensuring whitespace is visible

If you’ve ever dealt with logging or debugging your software, you’ve probably had to deal with the issue of whitespace. But how best to display this in HTML?

Fri 5th

Targetting specific browsers based on web stats

Time and time again, I see advice along the lines of ‘Add/drop support for a specific browser when your web site stats back up that decision’. Although this is, generally, sound advice, I want to make it clear that there’s a big caveat to that statement.

Wed 3rd

Chrome for a Day

Early thoughts on Google’s latest Beta